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PODCAST #36 The Migration Myth

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Immigration from non-Western countries is the biggest problem for Europe. The globalists on the left and right constantly repeat the same fallacies as to why we need more immigrants. They create a fiction instead of facing reality when it comes to crime. In fact, when it comes to crime, they try to obscure the truth in Orwellian fashion as much as they can – they simply make it impossible to find out the real factual truth. We are joined by Joseph Oxfield ( to discuss his two books “The Migration Myth” and “Forbidden Statistics”. Having lived in Luton, he has seen a glimpse of what the future holds for Europe. His frustration comes from the lack of proper debate on the topic, why are all opponents of immigration supposedly racists and xenophobes? If anything, his works show that the globalists are the xenomaniacs. We also discuss a petition against this new migration pact which has been initiated by Europa Terra Nostra. Please visit our official website and sign the petition against the New Pact on Migration & Asylum. Take a stand for your country! Take a stand for Europe!

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