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The Europa Terra Nostra Weekly Livestream Episode 1

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We are very excited to announce that this Wednesday, 9 June at 20:00 (8:00pm) CET (Central European Time, the very first episode of the new Europa Terra Nostra live stream event will be held. A new weekly event that will take place always at the aforementioned day and time, the upcoming first episode will be hosted by our very own Fullmoon Ancestry, with two featured guests – ETN Chairman Dan Eriksson (Sweden) and ETN author Sascha Roßmüller (Germany). In terms of the live stream’s format, the weekly event will be much more relaxed and informal in nature, compared to our fortnightly Zoom meetings. As such, topics for conversation can be as wide-ranging as desired. Whether the host and/or the guests wish to discuss things such as current affairs, politics, culture, history, their favorite types of cuisine and drinks, etc., anything at all is encouraged to be discussed, serious or light-hearted in nature. With this format, we hope to bring to the fore plenty of variety in content and discussion in future episodes. Future episodes will feature many more guests, so we strongly encourage you to tune into what is set to be an exciting and stimulating new show from Europa Terra Nostra.

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